Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brigadier General Sinclair's Report

Brigidier General Alexander Sinclair receives the regimental returns from the Sargeant Majors

Major General Pettygree's division attacked Marshal Soult's French army today as it attempted to cross the Rio Minio from Spain into Portugal. While the French successfully crossed the river and gained entry into Portugal, the British army met its victory conditions for a minor victory by holding back the French for 16 game turns or 6 hours = 1 game day. As a result, Soult was temporarily stopped and Pettygree successfully retired back towards the town of Braga, on the Rio Este, north of Porto.

Brigadier General Sinclair, commanding the First British Brigade of 2,500 soldiers, held back the French advance on his left and center throughout the day. Major Devereaux, commanding the Second British Brigade of 1,500, defended the British right flank and successfully retired his command off the field, though at considerable loss to his brigade.

After the battle, Brigadier Sinclair assembled the brigade for roll call in order to assess the battle damage for the day. The senior regimental sergeant majors of the 83rd and the 94th regiments, took roll call and presented the list of the rank and file that were present for duty.

Sinclair: "Gentlemen, will you present the roll call?

Sgt. Major Quincannon (83rd Regt. - yellow facings): "The 83rd began the day with 840 men, all ranks, and have 780 men, all ranks fit for duty, sir!"

Sinclair: "Thank you Sergeant Major, and the details?"

Quincannon: "The roll call indicates that 10  are dead (1 figure), 30 (3 figures) are wounded to various degrees, and 60 stragglers fell in at the beginning of the roll call, sir!"

Sinclair: "Very good Sergeant Major, you may return to your regiment"

Sgt. Major Munro (94th Regt. - green facings) "The 94th began the day with 840 men and 670 men, all ranks are fit and reporting for roll call, sir. The details (he turns to Quincannon and winks) are 120 dead (12 figures), 50 wounded (5 figures) and unfit for duty, and 120 (12 figures saved) returned in time for the roll call."

Sinclair: "thank you Sergeant Major, you may return to your regiment."

Sergeant Parker (5/60th Rifles): " Sir, our losses were light, having 10 killed (1 figure) and no wounded, despite being heavily engaged with the enemy all day. We have 350 men of all ranks present and fit for duty. We began the day with 360 men.

Sinclair : "Thank you Sgt. Parker, just the roll please, no commentary just now. Tell Captain Bond that his Rifles performed wonders today.

Sgt. Munro: "Yes sir. Thank you sir. I will present your compliments to Captain Bond."

Sgt. Shockley - Royal Horse Artillery: "Sir, Captain Grant's B Battery Royal Horse Artillery reports 320 men of all ranks reporting for duty. We began the day with 360 men. Sir, we lost two of our guns to counterbattery fire from the French. Captain Grant conveys his apologies."

Sinclair: "No apologies are necessary Sgt. Shockley. You can not account for blind luck for the French. You may return to your company."

Sinclair turns to his ADC, Captain Young, who has been writing down the results of the roll.

Sinclair: "Captain Young, you will present the results of the roll call to Major General Pettygree, post haste.

Sinclair's brigade at roll call: 94th Regiment (front) and 83rd Regiment (second row)

The infantry regiments within the brigade are shown in formation at the roll call, above, minus their losses (Killed and Wounded).


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