Monday, July 18, 2011

Scneario Ideas

Smaller British force uses maneuver and spoiling cavalry attacks to slow, delay or hold off a larger oncoming French force. Fighting withdrawal kind of thing. Play lengthwise similar to 16 July 2011 SYW Battle of Waldeck. Lots of undulations, line of sight breaks, scattered structures, etc. Possibly a bridge to protect for as long as possible for some reason. Also refer to Sittangbad in CHARGE.

By early 2012 there should be Bill's 48 British light cavalry and Jim's 83rd Foot, RHA (3 guns), several rifle companies and possibly some other British/Allied infantry. Lots of French already exist.

16 July 2011

Form a perimeter for light defenses for the British somewhere in Spain. Back story: something along the lines of a small mobile mixed force brigade has been posted in front of or on the flank of Wellington’s main army, or it is an outpost that both acts as a headquarters for the intelligence gathering Corps of Explorers or a trip wire for any approach march of the French army. I seem to recall that there was an abandoned Fort Concepcion between the two lines that was occupied at various times by various forces.

Bill has lots of MBA wall sections that come in two pieces.

16 July 2011

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