Thursday, June 30, 2011

Easy Attrition System


One of the things I do with the Pettygree order of battle on the NW Frontier is, units start with BIG #s of miniatures (paper strength) and gradually become smaller via attrition. My 66th Foot started near 100 miniatures and now is less by about 20 chaps.

An attrition system needs to be generous to the units so they don't become skeletal
most important --> it needs to be verrrrrry easy on Jim/Bill!

Easy Attrition System:
After a game throw 1D6 per unit that had losses.
(Minimum result = 1 and Maximum result = 6)

1.  You HOLD the field or the game is a draw recover:
1= 70%, 2= 75%, 3-4= 80%, 5= 85% and 6= 90%.

2.  RETREATING FROM the field recover:
1= 60%, 2= 65%, 3-4= 70%, 5= 75% and 6= 80%.

Poor supply situation, July or August, poor quality soldiers (Spanish or militia?) -1. (only one can be used)

Arty., Cavalry and Elite Companies +1 (only one can be used)

Captured prodigious amounts of supplies +1

KIA, MIA, In Hospital and Replacements BOX
Miniatures that remain casualties are placed in a KIA, MIA, In Hospital and Replacements Box.
Actually place these soldiers in their own box as the easiest way to track this. No paper! Some will eventually return. See below.

Some lost combatants should be added before a next game.
Throw 2D6 for a big unit and 1D6 for a small one. The result is the number of replacements arriving from the KIA, MIA, In Hospital and Replacements Box.

83rd Foot Example:
2D6 = 7. Seven miniatures go back to the 83rd Foot.

Tally Ho!
30 June 2011

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