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French Recon Report For May 30th Battle

Russian lancers (8 sqds) advancing on the French left wing.

Welcome to our new blog devoted to photos of our Napoleonic wargames using In The Grand Manner rules and a new set that is in the development stages.

Without further ado, let us see what information our vedettes have brought back to l'Emperor about the dispositions of the Allied army. Click on all pictures to enlarge the view.

Russians Attack the French Left (Davout commanding)

Davout's corps arrives from the left and has to cross the unfordable river, where it is forming up behind the ridge. Light cavalry screen the marching infantry. The enemy can not charge as long as the French stay hidden behind the hills.

Russian cavalry corps attacking Davout's position. I count 6 sqds of cuirassiers, 6 sqds of hussars, and 8 sqds of lancers in addition to a horse artillery battery.

Another view of the Russian attack. A sqd of French dragoons and Russian cuirassiers have completed their initial combat, with both retiring back to their own lines.

Russian-Austrian Attack on the French Center (Murat commanding)

Derek's Russian cavalry attack to the right of the main town that we are all fighting over. You can see some Russian cavalry returning to their own lines after a melee that they won.

More of Derek's Russian attack in the right center (our left center)

Murat's light lancers are pinned by the routing lancer unit at the top of the scrum. Note the single Russian cuirassier squadron on our side of the table. It is directly behind our double battery placed on the hill and is a critical threat. The Russian unit could turn and charge a turn later, or it could charge into the mass of lancers first. But compulsorary moves come first and so maybe the lancers can rout of charge range.

The Austrian cavalry and horse artillery are holding a position in front of the main town.

The developing battle for the farmyard in the center of the table. You can see the doomed Austrian 12-pounder battery that is going to get hit in the flank on the next turn. In the upper right corner you can see the head of the Austrian infantry corps in column that is advancing into the center.

The rest of the Austrian infantry corps marching up the road towards the farm yard area. In the background you can see the arrival of a British corps as well. The picture does not show a second Austrian infantry corps moving up on the town in the center.

A view of the French forces about to enter the critical farm yard area.

Bill's infantry corps posted to the left of the center road and behind the ridge where his artillery is deployed. The troops are in square to fend off the Russian cavalry.

The other half of Bill's corps on the right side of the center road, positioned to attack the farm yard. A few squadrons of French cavalry are trying to get over to cover the hole in the center, but they're not enough.

The French Right Wing (Randy) Attacks the British

British far left flank covered by a farmhouse and enclosed yard. British unit in right hand corner behind the square is a 40-figure Guards regiment.

British infantry corps are beginning to occupy the farm house and yard. We won't be able to take it from them.

British have deployed a horse battery and are bringing up a second battery behind the hedges. Riflemen are heading into the woods on the left.

Randy's grand battery is unfortunately masked by two battalions of infantry. We must get these two units out of the way. They are not enough to attack the British position and only serve to screen the guns. The foreward most unit is a lost cause and will rout eventually. The second unit might be able to get safely out of the way.

Randy's corps marching on the road.

Another view of the masked French battery. Kieth suggests that we occupy the woods with our skirmishers at all costs before the British do. It covers the flank of any attack in that field.

We potentially have a big hole in our center, and there are 2 Austrian and 1 Russian infantry corps marching to the center town. Bill has a corps of infantry in the center and the Bavarian corps will be marching onto the table in our center, rather than on Randy's road. Potentially the Old Guard corps will also end up here, but can we get positioned soon enough.

Davout will have his hands full on the French left and it is probably best to play defense in this sector rather than try to attack.


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